Daily Ways to Stay Positive

I am such a firm believer in mind over matter. I know some people think it’s just a cheesy saying or a way to make people better, but I really believe that when I’m in control of my mind, I can control what’s going on in my life. One of the things I find I struggle with is staying positive. I tend to let the negativity creep into my mind which is why I’m working so hard on ways to stay positive throughout the day.

Keeping my Mind Positive

I find that giving myself positive affirmations throughout the day can be extremely beneficial. Whether it’s because I’ve hit that mid-Wednesday slump where the week is only halfway through and I’m close to being fully done with life or it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling like the weekend left me drained, telling myself certain affirmations just really helps to turn my day away. One of my favourite things to do is to read empowering quotes from people, mainly women, that I admire.


Staying Grateful

This can almost go hand-in-hand with the quotes and affirmations but something that I try and do is remember the positive things that I have in my life and why I’m grateful for what I have. Yea, my day might be going really bad and I might feel unappreciated or overwhelmed, but there’s so many things in my life that I should be focusing on, things that I can be grateful for. My health, my relationships, my dogs, my family, the list goes on. Reminding myself of these things, and especially writing them down and making a little gratitude list, is an amazing way for me to take a second to think of what’s important and it helps my mind stay positive.

Staying Focused

I am one of those people who always has a list of goals going, both short-term and long-term. When I’m feeling de-motivated or overwhelmed, I find that it can really help my mood, and my mindset, to go over what I am working towards and to do something for those goals, even if it’s only something small. For example, say I am at my office and having the worlds worst day and everything is going wrong, then I’ll try and take a little break and focus on something that isn’t what is making me so frustrated and replace it with something I enjoy, something that helps me to stay positive, even for just a few minutes. So I’ll take a look at my never-ending list of books to read and choose my next read. Maybe I’ll go over my content schedule for my blog and see what posts I need to work and make a few notes for each one. Whatever it is I focus on I try to make sure that I do something that is still working, but that brings me satisfaction and is working on something that’s important to me and that I love.


I Look for Inspiration

I am totally that girl, as mentioned above, who loves a great quote and truly thinks that reading a few good ones can turn my day around. Something else that I do when I need inspiration or need perspective is to look at people who I admire, people who I find to be inspiring. Two people that I find to be so inspiring and who always help me to keep my own life in perspective is one of my good friends Tatiana Navarro and a newer friend Nalie Agustin. Both of these women have been through so much in their lives and they’ve both turned their struggles into amazing life changes and they both make the best out of every hand that their dealt and always find a way to stay positive. I encourage everyone to check out both of their blogs – the inspiration is never-ending with these strong ladies.



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