Monthly Goals – August 2017

I am one of those people who loves to plan ahead. I love making lists, organizing my planner, scheduling myself weeks in advance. Since I always have a million and one things going on, not staying organized isn’t an option for me. One of the things that I started doing was making monthly goals for myself. Nothing crazy or too out there. I like to set myself monthly skills to not only keep myself organized, but to give myself something to work towards.

August Goals

  1. Continue creating and publishing new content for A Fashionable Approach – I recently rediscovered my love for blogging and it feels amazing to be creating again
  2. DRINK MORE WATER – this is a constant struggle of mine!
  3. Read 6 books – school is coming up and I need to get as much reading done as possible before then
  4. Start budgeting for September – school is starting which means I’ll be working less yet somehow, spending more!
  5. Finalize planner – I love staying organized and my planner is my everything. I started creating my own last year and it’s so much better because it completely fits my needs!
  6. Wear sunscreen daily – I am pretty great with wearing sunscreen everyday but there are some days before work where I feel like it’s not necessary and it’s completely untrue. Sunscreen is so important and wearing it daily is a must because skin cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers amongst young people. For more information on why proper sun protection is important visit my friends at Save Your Skin
  7. Start shopping for fall – it might still be summer but fall is fast approaching and I intend on being ready for it!

So, even though August is the end of summer (for students) it seems like my goals largely focus on organization. Organization and getting ready for back to school. I’m actually a complete nerd and am the type of person who loves the feeling of back to school so this does’t exactly come as a surprise!



5 thoughts on “Monthly Goals – August 2017

Add yours

  1. I recently got myself a large erase board calendar and love filling it up! It’s amazing what some organization can do for you. I love your tropical gangster book, its so cute!

  2. I love this time of year too! The excitement of “back to school,” autumn wardrobe, & those little previews of crisp fall air early in the mornings. Eeeek!! Love it! Happy August!

  3. Reading needs to be on my goals list too! It’s one of my favorite things to do and it always gets pushed down on my things that make me happy list.

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