Parma Cafe – You WANT to Eat Here!

To say I am a picky eater would be quite the understatement. My boyfriend rarely suggests trying new places for dinner unless he has already checked the menu and knows there is a chicken option. I could eat at the kids table every time and I wouldn’t even be upset about it. I’m picky as hell. However, dining at Parma Cafe I can confidently say I ate everything they brought out for me and cleared my plate.

I’ve been to Parma Cafe several times before (their lattes are seriously amazing) but I was invited this time to try out their new menu. I dragged the boyfriend along with me, he even sat there patiently as I took 100 photos of every dish before we could start eating.

What We Ate

We started off with a potato and zucchini soup. Let me preface this by saying it was nearly 30 degrees out and we had walked outside in the heat for about 15 minutes before getting there. Not a long walk but long enough in that heat. When they put the soup down in front of us I assumed I would have a few spoonfuls of it to be polite before pushing it away and downing some ice cold water. I assumed wrong. The soup was perfectly blended and creamy, topped off with fresh homemade croutons. It tasted so delicious that not only did I finish my bowl, I had to stop myself from finishing the last 2 spoonfuls my boyfriend left in his bowl. I already can’t wait for fall just to go get their soup to have on break in between classes to warm myself up. It was amazing.

Next they brought us out two dinner dishes to split. We had chicken cutlets with homemade fries and a delicious salad with an oil vinaigrette. The other dish was a pasta dish with baby tomatoes and pulled pork. The chicken dish honestly felt like I was eating a dish homemade by some loving Italian grandmother. The chicken was cooked perfectly with a crispy outer layer. The vinaigrette wasn’t too heavy like oil can sometimes be. The fries were cooked perfectly with Italian seasoning and were crisp on the outside while still soft on the inside. Delicious.

The pulled pork pasta was so delicious, I feel like my poor boyfriend hardly got any. The tagliatelle noodles were cooked perfectly (I hate when noodles are over/under cooked, it ruins the meal completely) and the baby tomatoes were ripe and juicy. The pulled pork was tender and came apart the second I touched it with the fork.

You Definitely Want to Try Parma Cafe

All I kept thinking was how I would definitely be coming back here, especially once school starts. I feel like that is how I know a restaurant is really great – I’m already visualizing myself coming back and enjoying the food with other people. With Parma’s budget friendly pricing (you can easily get a meal for under 10$) and their high quality dishes, it really is going to become one of my go-tos.

For anyone who goes to Concordia, you definitely want to check this place out! It’s great to eat at or grab food to go. It’s not hard on your wallet and best of all the food is actually delicious and will fill you up. Rather than spend 10$ at McDonald’s or Thai Express just to feel bloated and nauseous later, I’ll definitely be making my way to Parma for a delicious chicken cutlet sandwich or bread pizza, knowing that afterwards the only thing I’ll feel is satisfied.



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