Sunday Ritual for a Positive Monday

I am one of those people who absolutely loves Sundays. Back when I worked retail, I refused to work on Sundays just because I’ve always felt that the it was the best day to relax and decompress. I know a lot of people look at Sunday with the “ugh tomorrow is Monday” type of mentality but I promise you, ensuring a positive Sunday is a great way to end one week and start the next week on a positive note. This is why I’ve started with a bit of a Sunday ritual.

I’ve broken my Sunday ritual into two parts: enjoying my Sunday and mentally preparing myself for Monday. It’s no secret that I believe in being organized and staying organized (read all about my organization here) and doing it on Sunday is a great way to start your new week off already ahead of the game.

Sunday Ritual Part One – Having Fun

So this one is obviously subjective based on what your idea of fun is but I find there’s nothing better than spending the Sunday with my boyfriend and my dog. We wake up and have brunch on the patio (weather permitting, Montreal’s rain is kind of putting a damper on this part so far this summer) and then generally go on a long walk with our dog and bring her to swim in the lake. Sometimes we’ll go to a friends for a puppy/pool date and relax in the sun. Some days we just stay inside and binge-watch whatever new show we’re obsessed with. Whatever it is that we’re doing, for me this is the perfect relaxing yet fun way to spend my Sunday. It lets me completely relax, enjoy my day and not worry that real life is waiting for me tomorrow.

I’m not constantly thinking “ugh tomorrow is Monday, that sucks” because I’m out enjoying my day. Then, by the time the evening’s come and I realize that tomorrow is Monday, I’ve had such a great day already that I wouldn’t let it be ruined by being grumpy that tomorrow is back to work!

Sunday Ritual Part Two – Mentally Preparing

That “ugh tomorrow is Monday” moment is pretty much the worst part about Sunday. Otherwise it’s generally known as a great day to relax and have the day to yourself. So, why let that moment happen? Monday always comes and we all know it’s after Sunday so why let that thought enter your mind? Instead I just remind myself a few times throughout the day that tomorrow is in fact Monday and that is not going to interfere with me enjoying my Sunday.

I also make sure that I use Sunday to plan my upcoming week. Generally I wait until the evening, once I’ve had dinner and am just decompressing from the day, and I go over in my planner what I have coming up. I go over my blog posts, writing assignments, any events that I might be attending, dinners I’ve RSVP’d to, everything. Mentally preparing for the week allows me to be aware of what is coming and lets me feel like I’m starting the new week at an advantage. There won’t be anything unexpected thrown my way (hopefully), there won’t be things that I’ve forgotten about. I’m ending one week on a positive note by starting off the next week on the same note.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Ritual for a Positive Monday

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  1. Love this! I always use my Sunday evenings to plan my week. Totally helps me sleep better knowing that I’m starting off the new week in an organized way.

    Great tips girl! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on re launching your blog 🙂
    Cheers! Madison

  2. The hard part for me is finding a ritual that jives with my husband’s. He loves to use Sundays for lounging & mentally preparing for the week by relaxing while I feel good after a very productive Sunday of laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning, etc. We’re getting to a really good process but it was a tough journey because one of us was always feeling unsatisfied after our Sunday. This was a great read – thanks for sharing!

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